Great content is so much more than something people 'like.'

Great content captures the spirit. It takes us back in time to a familiar place … or inspires us to look forward in new, unimagined ways.

Great content opens our eyes to things we may never have otherwise known, challenging the way we think and deepening our connections to the things we already hold dear. Great content unites us, not just online but across platforms and miles, begging us to share, to explore, to engage … and most of all, to experience.

So what makes content great?

More than words, video, photos. It’s about knowing your user, understanding what grabs their attention, and using those insights to create experiences that will delight.

With more than a decade of experience working for Canada’s top media and internet companies, I bring deep insight into what makes users connect online. Whether you’re looking to launch or relaunch a website, develop content and traffic driving strategies or require writing and editing services, I can help you go far beyond just ‘like.’

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