Select samples of my published writing

Why Victoria, British Columbia, should be your next weekend getaway

00-holding-travel-guide-victoria-vancouver-island-british-columbia-canadaFrom Seattle’s ’90s grunge scene to the coffeehouses and food trucks that made Portland one of the most influential food cities in the country, the Pacific Northwest…



Vancouver’s best, off-the-radar foodie experiences

Fruits and vegetables on display at the Lonsdale Quay Market in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.With its high quality local ingredients—abundant seafood and terrific wines from the nearby Okanagan Valley—and a critical mass of culinary entrepreneurs, Vancouver is widely considered one of Canada’s best food cities. …


Life in the slow lane

norwayIt wasn’t the kayaking that struck me, though Hakoya is known as an excellent spot for a paddle. A tiny island in northern Norway, Hakoya is set in a calm, pristine strait full of pink jellyfish that pump like heart muscles…

(The Globe and Mail)


Art of the surreal

colombiaOf all my local encounters in Colombia, the one I didn’t expect was the frog. Nearly the size of my full hand, the frog was tucked next to the light switch of my outdoor toilet, so still and such a perfect match for…

(National Post)

Koreatown: After hours in L.A.

Koreatown Los Angeles Globe and MailIt doesn’t get more quintessentially L.A. than the evening a friend, an Angeleno, recently described to me: After catching a movie in Hollywood, she and her son went to Mel’s Drive-In, a diner on the Sunset Strip that’s open round the clock…

(The Globe and Mail)

On the road: Miami spice

miami dining restaurants ricardoFor years, Miami’s food scene was all sizzle, no substance. South Beach still packs its share of tourist traps, but the city’s diversity, flourishing farmlands and emerging neighbourhoods full of chef-driven restaurants have transformed Miami into a destination with a flavour all its own….

(Ricardo Magazine)

A motherly bonding adventure in America’s foodiest small town

North Carolina Durham Cocoa Cinnamon National PostIf you’re the type of traveller who ruminates on every mediocre snack or meal consumed on the road as a regretful missed opportunity, then landing in 
Durham-Chapel Hill, America’s foodiest small town two hours delayed…

(National Post)

Maui’s locavore food scene

mauiBetween the twinkling lights criss-crossing the evening sky, picnic tables strewn across the lawn and wooden food stalls sheltered with straw roofs, there’s a country carnival feel here at the Ka’anapali Fresh Food and Wine Festival, on the west coast of Maui…

(Ensemble Vacations magazine)

Beach Balm: where the locals go to escape the hubbub of Tel Aviv

herliyza tel aviv israelWith its floor-to-ceiling views of the Mediterranean and decor in tones of sand and sea, the lounge at the new Ritz-Carlton in Herzliya exudes a breezy civility that shirks most perceptions of Israel…

(The Globe and Mail)

Table for One

Oprah Magazine dining aloneOne delightful evening while traveling last fall, I took a seat at the bar of a gastropub on Vancouver Island off the western coast of Canada. Sipping a local Cabernet, I chatted with my dining partners…

(O Magazine)

tofino oystersWill work for food

I always thought oysters tasted like the sea – that saltlicked, briny goodness that, for a landlocked Toronto girl, conjures frothy waves and windswept beaches in just one slurp…

(Review Magazine)


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