Alyssa SchwartzWith more than a decade of experience working for Canada’s top media and digital companies, I know great content, and I know how to bring it to life online.

From design, user experience and site architecture to content strategy, traffic driving, social media and SEO, I have proven expertise in all facets of online content management and the hands-on experience to know what really works with users. I’m also a huge geek –  endlessly curious about how people connect online and across social media and a bottomless consumer of the latest research and trend analyses.

Based in Toronto, I have extensive experience driving customer engagement and business results for brands, clients within the financial and healthcare sectors, academic institutions, and editorial properties.

A passionate foodie and traveller, I’m also a freelance writer – my articles have appeared in The Globe and Mail, National Post, Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Boston Post, Glamour Magazine and more (I even wrote one of the first articles published in mainstream Canadian media about grown-ups addicted to Facebook – read it here).

Connect with me on LinkedIn to view my full resume.